Lazare: Gaston Leroux’s Continued Investigation Concerning the Phantom of the Opera

Available now in paperback or ebook:

Written in faithful imitation of Gaston Leroux’s unique style, Lazare continues the story of Erik and his struggle for redemption and love after his life and crimes of the Opera House.

Gaston Leroux yearns for a new mystery. Over a year has passed since he published his true account of The Phantom of the Opera, in which he concluded that Erik, the disfigured genius of the Paris Opera House, died over thirty years ago. 

But when Leroux finds new evidence that Erik may have survived, the mystery novelist documents his investigation with fervor as a tale from the past unfolds:

Following Chrstine Daae’s retreat, Erik watches over the inbound trains to Gare Saint-Lazare for his beloved’s return. His vigil is interrupted when a mute street artist, Achille Fèvre, paints his masked face. Erik seeks vengeance but instead forges a friendship based on cathartic loneliness, both men reluctant to believe they are worthy of love. 

When political strife in France induces a rampant terror of spies, Erik fears his many secrets may put his treasured Achille in danger. The Phantom must return.