Phantom Of The Future part 1 – The Story At The Heart Of The City In This Labyrinth: Justice From the Heart of The Phantom Of The Opera

The year is 2030. Phantom has been revived in Toronto, but not like before. As the city is transforming toward justice and sustainability, so, too, the production leads the way by being produced justly and non-extractively. The story, long gone, has returned to the heart of the city. This first episode of the Phantom Of The Future was inspired by and is my submission to The 2030 Archive, a project developed by the People’s Climate Movement of Toronto/GTA. The Archive seeks to use the arts to collectively imagine the city and world we want, and let that imagining inspire us to take action to bring that future into being. And of course, I want Phantom to be a part of that future and believe it has valuable contributions to make! You can check out the 2030 Archive and perhaps make your own submission at
  1. Phantom Of The Future part 1 – The Story At The Heart Of The City
  2. Phantom of the Underworlds: Erik as Lord of Sex and Death
  3. At The Intersection of Trauma and Politics: My Review of the Phanfic Shadow Government/Shadows Over Eden
  4. Music Of Quarantine/Quarantine Of The Opera: My Interview With Melissa Duijvestijn
  5. PSA: #SaveTheBrilliantOriginal!

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